A fun way to get your sparkle

back in 30 days or less!




Turn your device upright to view:

Click on (or scroll through) the numbers.



Decide how you want to feel


When you go to bed, set the intention of how you want to feel tomorrow, e.g: "I want to wake up happy and energised". Let this be your last

thought as you fall asleep.




List 10 things that make

          you happy


  • Schedule time in your calendar over the next four weeks to do each of the things on the list.


Learn to listen to your heart, not just your head


STOP when you are stressed and ask yourself: What am I feeling now?

What would I like to do now?

Time to use that iPod


  • Put on some music. YES! feel the rhythm and dance, dance, dance!

Set an action in place

to nurture yourself


Do the one thing you've

been meaning to do.

Do one spontaneous thing

          each day


  • Keep it up for the next 7 days.

Identify what steals

your energy & happiness


What are you tolerating at work

or at home? What changes

do you need to make?

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